Friday, November 11, 2011

What can I say, I just love dogs

I always love animals, my first pet was a dog named Molly. She was a pekingese mix and I got her when I was about 10 year old and still live in Indonesia. She was a puppy and we underestimated how much work it takes to have one, so she didn't last too long with us. After several "accidents" in the house, my mom gave her away to our neighbor across the street who adopted her and took care of her until she eventually died of old age. At least, I still got to see her from time to time, although to be perfectly honest, I didn't pay much attention to her after a while.

My next dog came about when I first moved to Minnesota, about 7 years ago. He is a 2 year old pug-shih tzu mix named Eddie and my husband got him from his friend who didn't want him anymore because they think he is too ugly. How sad is that ? He might be funny-looking to say the least, but I think he is quite cute. Here is his picture when we first got him:

Interesting looking, isn't he ?

Fast forward to 2011, my husband got me another dog, this time it's an 8 week old goldendoodle puppy. I got to name my second dog so after toying around with several popular dog's names (Toto from the Wizard of Oz included), I named him Oliver. He is a little rascal, always gets into everything and cannot stand still. Here is Oliver at 8 week:

Oliver likes to play and he is somewhat of a bully at home :) His favorite target is Eddie which is now 9 years old and much smaller than him, so clearly he doesn't pick someone of his size :)

I'm doing much better with my two dogs compared to the first one I got many years ago. The fact that we have much more tools and facilities here in the US doesn't hurt either. We have almost whatever you can think of related to dogs: good quality vets, pet shops, boarding places, doggie day care, doggie walker/pet sitter, dog trainer, even dog poop pick-up service :) Amazing !

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