Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oliver's New Do

Following up my previous post about the mats issue we were having with Oliver, we finally decided to chop his hair off... well, most of it. The mats are too much since he is shedding his puppy hair like crazy, so we figured if we cut his hair, his adult hair will grow better. He is also officially 11 month old this weekend !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shave down or not shave down

As Oliver starts shedding his puppy hair and growing his adult hair, his hair gets matted a lot. The majority of the matted hair happens alongside his legs and his chest. I took him to the groomer today to get a sanitary cut, but she suggested that he needs to be shaved down short :( She said she couldn't even bathe him because it will make the matted hair worse...

We decided to get a "second opinion" because we really love his long hair and shaving him down in the winter time like now seems "inhumane" to me (although this might be just me being silly... ). Here's hoping that we can save Oliver coat....