Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updates after the Storm

We all survived! :) It rained hard starting Sunday morning and got scary windy on Monday and we finally lost power Monday evening. Good thing we are prepared because we are still without power right now and don't know when we will get it back. The generator is up and running so we can power our refrigerator, sump pump, several lights and TV. That really makes this whole thing more bearable. The stinky part is not having running water, but at least we saved some in several plastic tubs before the storm hit so we should be good for a few more days.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

We've been busy all weekend preparing for Hurricane Sandy. We live north of Philadelphia which is supposed to be hit pretty bad by the storm. Last year our house didn't get hit much if at all by Hurricane Irene, but we were quite miserable during the early season snowstorm where we lost power for almost two days. At that time, we just moved in to our first house and were not equipped to handle power outage in a house that relies on well water with a sump pump that runs quite often.