Monday, November 28, 2011

Grooming a Doodle

One thing that's near and dear to your heart when you have a goldendoodle and want to keep their coat long and healthy is grooming. Ideally you need to groom them 2-3 times a week but I try to do it at least once a week with Oliver. He doesn't really enjoy it but he'll let me groom him as long as he can chew on something while being groomed.

I don't have a fancy set of grooming tools, I mainly use comb to get rid of matted hair and make it look fluffy. For a quickie, I use big brush but the result is not as good as with comb. The main "problem" areas where I usually find a lot of matted hair are alongside his legs and nearby his tail. Oliver still has a mix of puppy hair and adult hair so some areas are easier to groom than others.

Oliver gets tired of being groomed after a while and since I don't have any grooming table, I'm usually in the mercy of his patience :) I can do an okay groom job in 30 minutes where I go through most of his hair except maybe his belly and the inside part of his legs. For a more decent one I need maybe 45 minutes and an extra pair of hands to roll him around and hold him so I can take care of parts that I miss in an okay job.

Here is his picture after our last grooming session on Sunday:

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