About Me

I am a mom of two dogs: Eddie, 9 yr old pug-shih tzu mix and Oliver, 9 month goldendoodle. I got Eddie from one of my husband's friends when he was 2. His previous owner did not like him anymore since his appearance didn't turn out quite like what they have in mind when they bought him. It was a pity really since Eddie is a really good dog and very easy to take care of. As for Oliver, we got him from a pet store when he was only 8 week old so we really got a full experience of raising a puppy with him. He is another great dog, very smart and very active, but just like any other puppy, he can be very mischievous and needs a lot of training.

We live in the East Coast, US and enjoy it very much here. We hope for many happy years and lots of fun with our dogs !

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