Friday, April 26, 2013

Moved to IL !!

Wow, it's been ages since our last post! We all have been very busy in the past few months since I got a new job in Chicago area and we relocated to the midwest a month ago... woo hoo.. !! We are still settling in, adjusting to apartment living again :( , selling our house in PA and locating all the basic needs for the entire family (including the dogs, of course :) ).

Things have been fun so far, we found a new daycare place for Oliver and he enjoyed it! It's a bit more expensive than what we used to in PA, but apparently IL is a more expensive state compared to PA in general! Just when you think you are moving to a more affordable midwest area... oh well...

In any case, we'll keep you updated with what's going on. Hope the next post won't take as long :) Stay tuned!