Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Dog Food... Sort of

Oliver has a sensitive stomach and he could get diarrhea pretty easily. It is getting better now as he gets older, but I'd still like to be careful with what he eats. When he was a puppy, I had to switch him to so many dog food because of this issue. He (or rather his digestive system) finally finds a match with Blue Basics.
The downside of that particular brand is that it only comes in very limited selection of flavors: Adult Turkey and Potato, Adult Large Breed Turkey and Potato, or Adult Salmon and Potato (this last one didn't sit too well with Oliver's tummy for some reason). After being 'turkeyed out' for about 6 months, we finally tried out a new variety of food from Blue: Freedom. It's the newest addition to the Blue dog food and only available in Chicken flavor (at least for now), but hey, it's a new flavor for Oliver. The fact that it's grain-free made us think that it may work fine with Oliver's sensitive tummy.

Well, today is his first day on this new food and he seems to be doing fine. I'm hoping that it stays that way so Oliver can have a new addition to his menu!

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  1. I had to switch him to so many love this site dog food because of this issue.