Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doggie Day Care "Accident"

My husband has been the primary caretaker of Oliver when I'm at work, so things get a bit crazy when he started a new full-time job this week. Oliver is a high energy dog and he needs to go outside a few times during the day. With both of us working full-time, Oliver now spends more time at the doggie daycare place.

He is always tired (but happy !) whenever he gets home from the daycare, but yesterday he looked really pooped out. He was walking slowly and just plopped on the floor most of the time. He ate his dinner just fine, so I thought he was just too tired.

Later that night he started puking. He actually ended up puking his whole dinner out along with some strange materials in his puke that didn't look like his food at all. Out of curiosity, my husband picked it up and washed it and it turned out that he swallowed parts of a tennis ball !! I guess that's what makes him so quiet, he felt sick from swallowing things he's not supposed to at the daycare place... poor dog... :(

We told the daycare place about this accident and they were very apologetic about it. We didn't complain too much as we know Oliver can be hyperactive so it's difficult to keep an eye on him the whole. He went back there again today and this time he managed to make it through the day without swallowing anything :)

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