Monday, March 19, 2012

First beach day in 2012

March 2012 has been unusually warm in East Coast area. It's only mid March but temperature has been hovering in the mid-upper 60s for a week. So we decided to try out the NJ beach and went to Island Beach State Park last weekend.

This particular state park has always been our favorite, it allows dogs all year long as long as we stay away from the swimming areas. It has beautiful scenery with white sands and dunes. The beach was pretty empty this time of year so we could play with Oliver without having to worry that he will disturb others. We also brought our beach shade to shelter us from the wind, which was proven to be a smart idea since it was foggy and windy there despite the 65 degree temperature inland.

Oliver had a lot of fun, we played fetch with a stick that we found on the beach, he was running around, digging and playing. He even dared to put his feet in the water to catch the stick, although it's obvious that the water was too cold judging by the way he jumped out as soon as the wave brazed his legs :)

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