Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maine Vacation

We typically do not do a summer vacation. We don't like the crowds, the crazily hectic situation of vacationing at the same time as millions other people, having to wait in line for everything, struggling to even find a parking spot and the likes. But this year I have enough crap at work and needed a break and when hubby said he was cancelling our trip to Minnesota just two weeks before we were supposed to go, I told him that we are going somewhere anyway.

We chose Maine out of the blue, I heard some people at work had been there and sounded like they had a good time, so we thought we should check it out. We decided to go to Acadia National Park and I scrambled to find motel that had availability for 3 nights but we finally found something and off we went!

That was the first time Oliver traveled long distance in the car. The farthest he'd ever been was going to the beach in NJ, which was only about 2 hour away. He is always good in the car, usually just snugs right in, closes his eyes and sleeps and he did just that for this long drive, which made us very pleased. He and Eddie shared the back seat of the car and we made that 10 hour trip smoothly.

The motel we stayed was good, it's a B&B style with decent breakfast. To our surprise it doesn't have any A/C and the dogs didn't quite like that situation. They are spoiled with their amenities at home :)
View in front of our motel room

We took them everywhere we went as the room was pretty small and didn't have good insulation so you can hear almost everything going on next door. We had a lot of fun visiting many beautiful places in Acadia, seeing the famous rocky coastline of Maine, climbing the highest point in the East Coast at Cadillac Mountain, and eating fresh lobsters.

Oliver and hubby at one of the public park in Bar Harbor, ME

We took Oliver and Eddie out as much as we can, taking them with us on the parks and some of the trails. Acadia is the second most dog-friendly national park and it's not disappointing. We heard about this supposedly 'off-leash' dog park nearby Seal Harbor, but when we went there, the park has no fence and there was quite a few people around so we didn't dare to let the dogs run loose.

All in all, it seems like Oliver and Eddie also had a good time visiting new places, although they did have to spend most of their time in the car. It's always good to be able to bring them with us on vacation as I really think of them as part of the family. You wouldn't leave your family behind while you are enjoying your vacation, would you? So that's what we did, we took them with us so we all can have fun together as a family!

Oliver and Eddie pooped out on the back seat on our way home!

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  1. What a fun trip! My human parents also took me to the ocean, but to the other one. I loved it! BTW: on the Washington state coast it's very easy to get away from crowds even in peak season -- just go to a car-free beach and walk more than 200 yards from the parking lot :)

    Keep on wagging,