Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Favorite Doggie Daycares

Oliver is a very active dog who likes to play all the time. We've been pretty lucky so far since my workplace is very flexible and I can work from home from time to time so I can watch and play with him during the day. However, there are days where I cannot do that and as a result, he will need to stay in his crate and this is when a doggie daycare comes in handy.

We have two daycare places: one nearby where we live and one nearby where I work. We use Preppy Pet Suite which is the best place we can find nearby where we live and Camp Bow Wow which is located very close to my workplace. Both are franchises but they are great. Both have clean facilities and large areas for the dogs to play with, and my favorite: a webcam where I can watch my pooches while I work :) They also have grooming service so my dogs can be groomed while they do daycare. I like this grooming arrangement much better than taking them to a regular grooming salon where I usually have to leave them for 3 hours despite making appointment.

I really enjoy having a place to leave my dogs during the day so they can play and socialize with other dogs while I work. This definitely makes me feel less guilty having to leave them all day long !

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